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Gallery Lily Clifford 

Mary Beaney 


Emotion – solo exhibition Mary Beaney 
14th February / 6th march

Private view – opening 13th February ,4pm

Lily Clifford Gallery,
112 South Street, Eastbourne BN21 4LZ

Private view 13th February ,4pm - 6.30pm

Mary Beaney –UK

An artist who works passionately, known to the public for the last 30 years, we are following her steps during these years ,we do find so many different passages of her “art book” and we are waiting for the next page and the next dialogue visualised by incredible art .

She will surprise you with a new string of emotional confession. The next solo exhibition called “Emotion” showing a new series of artworks.

“Mary’s works are strongly connected with her inner emotions and secretly kept memories - a personal bridge giving the viewer a way to see through her window. She bravely mixes and uses new techniques and materials - the result is amazing emotional art.”


Gallery Lily Clifford 

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